First Team Player Interviews

Gary Collier Interview 12/07/2012

1. Gary, you’ve recently been appointed the new manager of the first team, how do you think you’ll adjust to player management of the team as opposed to just a player?

I do not believe adjusting will be a major problem, as I have done the same on a Sunday with the station. I know all the lads so that’s a big help too.

2. How is the squad coming together?

The squad has been hampered by what’s going on at town, but that’s been a problem before. Other than that its coming together very well as I’ve managed to get quite a few new faces in and re-signed familiar faces. I wish everyone who is trying counties football all the best, and the door will still be open if they wish to return if things don’t work out.

3. What are your aspirations for the club over the coming season?

My aspirations at Riccall are the same I use in anything I do; I want to be the best I want to win. I want to be play good football and give the players freedom to express themselves, at the same time though I need the players to respect me and there team mates. If we’re together, this year will be a very good one. I would like to be challenging at the top and hopefully do well in the cup competitions.

4. What is your realistic aim for the coming season?

My realistic aim is what I have said in the previous question, as I wouldn’t of the took the job if I didn’t believe I could win things with the players I’ve got.

5. What would you like to change about the club?

What I would like to change is the attitude of players, a lot see coming on a Saturday as a mess about with their mates and an excuse to get out of the house, I want them to come and enjoy themselves and have a laugh but also to want to win, there is no better feeling than winning, this will also enhance team morale and togetherness. I would also like to change the divide between the reserves and the first team, if I need to pick someone from the reserve team I want him for a reason and for him to try and show he should be there week in week out, this works both ways though if I do not need a player one week I expect them to play for the reserves. We are a team and should work together it will benefit both sides throughout the season.

6. Who would be your room mate at the club and why?

My room-mate at the club would be Liam ‘Chip’ Brown he’s one of my best mates and he has unbelievable banter.

7. What is your favourite pre-match meal?

I’d like to say my pre match meal is healthy, but other the past few years it’s been a ritual of a few of us to go into town on the morning of a game and sample some the delights the local cafes offer. I do enjoy a bacon and egg sandwich. (Large with a runny yolk).

8. Who is the worst dressed person at the club?

I’m not really sure who is the worst dressed as I haven’t seen some of the new faces, but Jack Guest does wear some horrendous outfits.

9. Who as the worst hairdo at the club?

The worst hairdo would have to go to Gary Lumley, shaven around the sides and a mop on top it’s horrible. We at the station have nicknamed him Broccoli as that what his do resembles.

10. What do you feel you bring to the club?

I feel I bring a new enthusiasm to the club as I think the club other the last year or two has lost its way, that’s not down to the people who run the club it’s down to players attitudes etc. I hope to change the way people think about the club. I also think I can bring new ideas and add new faces which I think I have started already.

11. What is your nickname and why?

I don’t really have a nickname other than Gazza for obvious reasons. But when I was younger I was nicknamed ‘Biscuit’. This was because I had a shaved head so I was garybaldy which for you younger ones was a biscuit back in the day.

12. Who is your best mate at the club?

I have a few really good mates at the club like Chip, Stevie, Brookie, Josh and Ry. We’ve all played with each other for a very long time and enjoy each-others company. I’ve known Steve for most of my life though.

13. Of all the players and staff in the United squad, who do you think is the most influential?

I think the most influential person on the pitch this year will be Ryan Watson, as he never shuts up talking and helping everyone around him and always puts in 100%. Also I think mick Carmody with his experience and knowledge will be a massive help to me and the lads.   

14. Best player you’ve played with and why?

Best player I’ve probably played with is Leigh Wood, I only played a handful of games with him but he was class. More recently Stevie Lyon and Luke Durham would be up there.

15. Worst player you’ve played with and why?

I’m not sure really, there’s been a few, but the most recent is a player called Reggi who was from Congo, when I first saw him I thought this lad is gonna be class, but when I actually saw him play he was horrendous, he was a really nice guy and always up for a laugh, he always put in 100% but he couldn’t play football.

16. You’ve been at the club quite a few years now, how do you think the club and team compare to that of when you joined all those years ago?

The club has come a long way over the years and that’s all down to the commitment of Liam Bradley and a few others, the team has improved a lot since then as well. We now have a good mix of young and old and I look forward to hopefully taking the club to the next level.

17. What has been your greatest moment at Riccall thus far?

My personal best moment was the county cup final when I scored 2 ‘worldy’ goals to win the cup.

18. And you’re worst to date?

My worst was the season where we under achieved. The then Riccall Galaticos should of won a lot more, the players which were there was unbelievable and in my eyes were good enough to win the lot, but as a team I do not think we played together well.

19. Who do you support?

I’m a massive Arsenal fan.

20. And finally in just a few words, what does Riccall United mean to you?

I’m not going to bang on about what Riccall means to me, but what I will say is I have a drive to win and want to do the best I possibly can for Riccall United I want to win trophies and make Riccall the best, the foundations are here we have a fantastic set up all that’s left is to achieve.  Over the years I’ve seen the hard work that goes into this club and I believe that I and the players have to repay that hard work and add to the clubs great history.